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I love my family, friends, my kids and life. I love what I do and try to seize every moment. That's what photographs are. They are moments in life that are precious and gone to fast for most. They instantly remind us of joy, sorrow, good times, bad times, new beginnings, and times we never wanted to end. I don't know about you but there are images burned in the back of my mind that I will never forget. I hope that when you see them they will remind you of something in your life. That it will remind you of childhood memories that you cherish. I also hope that we can build some new ones together. Like I said...I love my family, friends, my kids and life. I love what i do.

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I love creating images. Photography started off as a hobby but has become more of a passion for me. I love capturing people in their natural state. I love candid shots, black and white, and night photography. I love kids, especially my kids! Families, landscapes, urban settings, farms, the Military, and life. If you are looking for someone to help capture images that you will remember for a life time then I hope I am the photographer you are looking for. When you look at your images, you should remember exactly where you were, what you were feeling. I want my images to do that to you. I want them to make you remember.

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